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Our Mission statement

Noos Noodles welcomes you to come and join us in our casual and friendly restaurant. Our goal is to offer authentic Vietnamese street food at a reasonable price while maintaining great quality and service. Enjoy a selection of traditional Vietnamese street food dishes including banh mi, pho and other noodle soups, entrée snacks including spring rolls, wok tossed noodles, rice dishes, fresh salads, tropical desserts and drinks, all freshly prepared in our kitchen. We are licensed and offer beer, wine and mixers.

Come along and join us from 10:00 AM for our takeaway and bánh mì bar or from 11:00 AM for inside dining or alfresco in our street garden patio.

About Huệ

Hue's Namesake Flower
Tuberose Huệ.jpg

Huệ was born in Vietnam and grew up in Tân Định, a suburb of what was then known as Saigon. With support from the US Military it was a prosperous time in Saigon with many street Cafes. As a child, Huệ grew up playing with the other kids and helping out in their family food businesses.

Huệ lost both of her parents whilst she was still a teenager. It was not long after the war and a time of extreme poverty and hardship in Vietnam. Huệ went to live with her uncle, a Buddhist Monk who ran a monastery in Đà Lạt in the central highlands of Vietnam. She got by working in whatever jobs were available but her dream was always owning a restaurant. In 1997 Huệ came to Australia. With only limited English she started working in Vietnamese restaurants until her English improved to where she got a job as a leading hand in a large food company. After the birth of Natalie (Noo) in 2008 Huệ went back to part time work in a restaurant and also had a heavy involvement in the Vietnamese and Chinese New Year Festivals where she ran food stalls selling a variety of Vietnamese specialties.

Her dream, however has always been to own a restaurant and Noos Noodles is her dream. We invite you to come and share her dream.