Submitted by noo on Thu, 02/09/2021 - 22:56
We no longer use Menulog

We apologise to all our Menulog customers who have had their order cancelled by Menulog. This is beyond our control and in every instance we had already made your order which was ready to be picked up only to have the order cancelled. We have been endeavouring to sort this issue out with Menulog and have been awaiting a suitable response from them. However, after the cancellation tonight of another large order we realised the situation has become intolerable so we have cancelled our arrangement with them.

Meanwhile we can advise that we have other food order and delivery services available. Unlike Menulog which charges a 30% commission on both deliveries and pick up which is equivalent to 50% markup many of these companies do not charge a large commission but add a modest delivery fee. Please check out our website at and compare the costs for your cheapest arrangement